Acrylic Signs

Acrylic signs are our most common type of signs, whether for ADA or non-ADA compliant signage. At 1/8″ or 1/4″ thick with a non-glare surface, our acrylic is perfect for interior and exterior signage, with or without California Grade 2 braille inserted into the surface of the sign. Tactile raised characters/letters can also be inserted into the signage to increase tamper resistance.

We stock the highest quality acrylic available and carefully fabricate each sign using our high precision router specialized for ADA signage.

Available Styles & Colors

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Read our BSI Acrylic Product Specifications

Specifications: 10 1400 Signage

Specifications: 10400 Identifying Devices

We provide many types of signs fabricated using acrylic, from specialized signage custom tailored to each project, to customizable signage with a slot to insert your own display piece. Our colors are based on the Pantone Matching System as well as Matthews Paint colors, ideal for both interior and exterior signs.

As part of the ADA standard, we offer stock ADA signage that is required for all public access buildings. We offer exit signs, exit route signs, and restroom wall and restroom door signs, compliant for US nationwide ADA standards as well as California-specific standards.

For custom requests or projects, please send us a quote request and we will get back to you with a price within 2 business days.


Reversed cut text and graphics, Silkscreen or using vinyl are the three methods of achieving subsurface signs. Reverse cut is the better method of the three and when braille is not required on signage that’s the process we use. Silkscreen is used when having many different colors and complicated logos.

Raised Tactile Characters & Braille

Our raised characters are 1/32″ above the surface of our acrylic signs, making them compliant with the ADA standards for accessible signage. Braille is also inserted below tactile lettering to be raised 1/40″ above the surface of the sign. We are able to do all types of braille, including Grade 1 and Grade 2.